Customize the Admin Bar (WordPress Toolbar) Hide toolbar items, change their order with drag & drop, rename items, add new links, and more….

If you use a variety of plugins to manage your web site sometimes the location on the menu bar is not quite as convenient as it could be. You can make using WordPress easier to use by moving frequently used menu items to the top. You can also move menu items from one submenu to another, or to the main menu.

You can add your own links to the admin menu, make a custom menu’s  and it’s possible to create non-clickable items, which can be useful for things like section headers in complex admin menus. So, if you want a top-level link to “Add New Post” or to a specific plugin? You can do that. If you have an unruly plugin that puts its admin page in the wrong place? Move it to “Settings” instead.

This is probably one of the most useful plugin’s available and one of the best things about it is, you can simplify the menu system for your clients. If you can make things simple, then things work!

WordPress Admin Menu Editor
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