This day and age nothing can be done without having an email account. There are a lot of email providers out there and generally you can pick up an outlook, gmail or yahoo address fairly easily. Many people use the address that their ISP (Internet Service Provider) gives them, however what you find is with so many people now using the Internet, many of the more easy to remember addresses are now gone.

You may assume buying a domain name so you have your own web address is just for business. Not at all. I have been using an address as my personal address for years. It is short, sharp and very easy to remember. Therefore, if you want an email address that really reflects your identity, then take the plunge and have your own domain name too.

That way the bit after the ‘@’ sign is personalised, as well as the bit before it and because you own the domain itself, you can put whatever you want at the start of the address. Typical combinations that could be used are: (you can give each family member their own address) (a good idea if you run a business from home or are thinking of setting one up)

So, if you hadn’t thought about getting your own web address and you like the idea of a personal email address, Prices start at £4 + VAT  per month including set up for email hosting only. Otherwise if you want to include some web space with that and create your own web site or blog, it’s £6 + VAT per month. Prices are applicable for uk domains only. Other domain extensions are available however prices vary and will be provided on request.

Business packages also available. Contact us for more information.

Get A Personal Email Address
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