Traditional CCTV systems are often bulky and difficult to set up due to the cabling and need for video recorders. Having some form of monitoring in the home is useful but often the expense outweighs the benefits. Triton has a budget alternative which not only is cost–effective but also can be used for a variety or requirements.

If you have fibre-optic broadband, instead of a wired camera system, you can opt for wireless network cameras. Basically an advanced web cam, network cameras have traditionally required complex configuration; however, the latest offering is a versatile monitoring solution for your home or small office. Unlike a traditional webcam, a network camera transmits high quality video images and audio for home and remote monitoring, even in complete darkness courtesy of the built-in Infrared LEDs. With associated software and apps, cameras can be accessed and managed simply via a PC or iPad/Android tablet; therefore, you can quickly and easily view your camera feed from anywhere with a wireless or 3G connection.

Triton offers a selection of cameras from D-Link, a very reputable networking company featuring:

Mains electricity power connection

This allows for uninterrupted continuous video coverage.

Wireless or wired connectivity 

Cameras include Wireless N technology for wider coverage across your home. Wireless N allows you to stream high-quality video to remote sites over the Internet.

Night vision

The cameras come with built-in infrared LEDs that allow for continuous monitoring even in complete darkness. The 5-metre illumination distance makes them suitable for monitoring whatever is important to you, whether it is your baby in the nursery or your office by night.

Detection Alerts
Sound and motion detection and email alerts make the cameras a truly comprehensive home monitoring system. A detection area can be set up on the camera’s user interface so emails can then be sent to you to notify you of any motion detected or a sound alert can be set up if used for baby monitoring.

Single camera packages start with the D-Link DCS-932L. For £60 inc VAT, a Triton technician will set your camera up in your home or office, configuring your tablet or PC to control the camera. More than one camera can be configured for area monitoring, with each additional camera configuration costing £45 inc VAT

Cameras can be upgraded or mixed and matched to include additional features…. Including single camera set up…

For £80 inc VAT not only does the DCS-933L connect wirelessly, the extender mode can extend the range of your existing wireless network. This eliminates wireless dead spots to give your home or office a more complete wireless coverage.  

For £115 inc VAT the  DCS-942L camera includes a MicroSD card slot and a pre-installed 16Gb MicroSD card to record audio and video directly onto the camera, without the need of a computer being switched on. You can setup the camera to record only when motion is detected, or continuously for up to 7 days via the camera’s intuitive web interface. Once 7 days have been exceeded and the MicroSD card is at capacity, older footage will be recorded over.

For £120.00 inc VAT the DCS-1520L offers sharp, responsive pan/tilt movement and digital zoom so you can quickly scan a wide area from a variety of angles, and 4x digital zoom lets you zoom in for more detail.

Finally, if HD quality is required, the D-Link DCS-2132L is the model to choose but bumps the cost up to £130.00

Up to 32 cameras can be configured for monitoring from a Windows computer, but initially, start with one or two, and build from there.

Retailing at Curry’s at £45.00, having a DCS-932L installed and configured for you at a price of £60.00 offers exceptional value for money. If you would like

a no-obligation demonstration of the camera and software, please feel free to contact me on 07977 915965 or email Alternatively, Triton offers a variety of technical solutions, if you have a computer-related problem or have another requirement, get in touch.

Please note: All prices are correct as of 17th May 2015 and may be subject to change. Products are subject to availability. Cameras will need a 13 amp mains power socket and quality of imagery will depend on the quality of the broadband connection.

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