Designed to your requirements

All sites are designed specifically to the clients needs and wants. We take the ideas you have and the general "theme" you like, and work around all of that to produce a long lasting and attractive looking site at an affordable price. With 2o years experience working on web based projects -  we will have a pretty good idea of what you need.

Mobile Friendly

More and more people are using tablets and smartphones to browse the internet, that is why it is essential for your website to look good both on mobile and on wider screens. Here at Triton TS, we are especially good at capturing the feel of a website and shrinking it down to fit your screen.

Reasons to have a mobile friendly web site inclucde:

  1. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites over those that are not in mobile search results. Websites that are optimised for mobile rank better than those that don’t.
  2. People want to connect and get what they’re looking for quickly. The device to hand is a mobile phone. If you’re not optimised for mobile, you can’t offer your customers immediate service.
  3. With a mobile friendly website, anyone who tries to visit your site on a mobile device will be encourged to see your site  as a credible resource for information, products or services.
  4. The tools available and responsive web design has made mobile optimisation more straight forward and accessible to everyone with users expecting functionality as standard when browsing on their mobile devices.
  5. People will take note of a website they have a great experience with – and they will also take note of a website they have a bad experience with. Most businesses can’t afford to give people a bad experience, a bad experience means no returning visitors.
  6. Mobile-friendly websites appear contemporary and cutting-edge.