Initial payment for  web site build relates to the purchase of the domain, setting up the hosting account and the site up of the web site structure. We aim for our fees at Triton TS Ltd to be transparent, so an example of what you would expect to pay for a standard build for a business web site without e-commerce is as follows:

Domain (.com TLD) £20 + VAT

Hosting (business hosting package) £75 + VAT

WordPress set up with a premium theme and template import £150 + VAT

Therefore prior to commencement of the above project, we will invoice: £245+VAT, £294.00.

We will then either quote a fixed price for the next stage of work, or charge an hourly rate of £20 + VAT per hour, working with you.  That way, when creating the site you get tutorials on how the site works / is constructed allowing you to move it on going forward.

Final payment is due when you are fully happy with your finished web site.

The cost of hosting can also be spread over the year, so domain and hosting in the illustration would be £9 + VAT, £10.80 per month.

For project initial payment and fee on completion, our preferred method of payment is online banking. Our account details are on the invoice we provide you, however you may wish to spread the cost, therefore we are happy to take credit card payments via PayPal. In which case, there is a 4% surcharge to cover the transaction fee.

Please put in the amount you wish to pay (4% will be added to the total)