Technical Support - Practical Solutions

As time goes by, your computer's performance can start to suffer as lots of different programs and websites fill up its working areas, and every so often they need a good clear-out. It is just like servicing a car, and as such there can be quite a bit to do.

All operating systems work best when at least 20% of the drive is kept free. You can make room by deleting unwanted photos, music and documents or by archiving your data on to removable storage. Alternatively, with the cost of hard drives falling all the time, we could supply a second drive to store your documents separately to the operating system. And remember.....always keep a back up of your data, if you are unsure of how to do this, contact Triton now!

A Triton PC health check at £25 + VAT may be the best investment you ever made.

Not only does spyware put your personal data at serious risk but it also hijacks some of your processing power.

Windows users can use Microsoft's Defender to clear out these dodgy programmes. but other spyware detectors are available for your PC.They all work in the same way by searching your system and removing any offending data. a Triton Health Check will scan for offending spyware programmes and your skilled technician will advise the best solution to protect your PC in the future.

Losing those loved images or important documents can have a real impact on your life. There are several back up solutions available, your Triton technician will advise what he feels is best for you.

Having your house or business fully connected to the Internet provides endless possibilities for managing your day to day life, be it being able to view your tablet in the bedroom, being able to play music from a PC or media centre throughout the house or improved office productivity.

A Triton Call out at  £25 + VAT (up to one hour time on site included) will allow for an assessment of how we can improve your home or work environment saving both time and money in the future.